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March 3-11, 2018
Curated by Monique Osorio + Scorpion Beach
Opening Night: March 3rd , 7-11pm

SURROUND is an immersive exhibition of the magical, fantastical, and imaginative worlds of over 20 Athens/Atlanta artist who blur the lines between genre, venue, and medium specificity. Join us in embracing the unknown, collaboration, and confrontation as it manifests sensually.

In this single shot video, a figure slithers in a soaked stained room and applies paint in a zip formation on their body.  Movements are a culmination of intuition and disjointed impulses.  For the track, “RSM Take One (HUM)”, B|_ank (Will Hicks) composes and cuts up R. Stevie’s dadaist audio of radio advertisements, clickbait headlines, and auto-tuned tweets that he received through a missed call, while simultaneously responding to it with improvisational keyboard synthesis and drum kit sequences.   How does the cut-and-paste characteristics of this composition thread together irrationality, nonlinearity, and uncertainty that sonically resembles something like my computer desktop, leaving me asking, “how did I end up here?” except paradoxically recorded in a single take without clever post production wizardry.  Hicks creates deep webs of sharp glittery tones that buoy Moore’s voice till the tape skips, creating a rhythmic and chilling “Call Mom”.  As this persists, he performs abrasive and chaotic drums patterns refusing to answer Moore’s demand.  How is the dancer interpreting as servailancer this dialogue that has gone haywire?  Viewers are not passive participants here, but asked to find the similarities and rhythms that bridge the audio and the visuals together. The entire thing is ridiculous, impulsive, and jarring.  There isn’t anything chill or cool about this piece, but engulfs itself in the rage, anxiety, and confusion that clouds or current landscape.  It’s a stark reaction to the passivity of contemporary culture, when so many social obstacles need to be confronted, and creative investigation made much more open and weirder.