New Material II: A Variety Show - showcasing music and drag. 
Soft Junk in Nashville, TN - 12/ 01/ 2018. Photos taken by Tillman and Dana Kalachnik.
Each act played as an avatar of themselves through my own designed garments. Kinda like how you choose your player in Super Smash Brothers or something... an investigation of fluid identities.
DJ .53 (performed by Eve Maret)
Our male narcissist, played by a female, is mysterious and pretentious.  He/she knows they are a good music producer.  .53 soon “discovers” the talent of Ana Echo, the front person of Lambda Celsius, and hopes to “collaborate” and transform her into a pop star through his eyes.
EXTRA! EXTRA! (performed by Internet Boyfriend)
Dying to be a starlet, EXTRA! EXTRA! is obsessed with the career and talent of Patsy Cline and wants to walk in her footsteps…after midnight that is.  She knows every word to every song and believes Cline was killed by the same person who shot John F. Kennedy: the pilot of the plane that crashed from Kansas to Nashville in which Cline was abroad.
Vixcine Martine (preformed by Crystal Wood)
Vixcine Martine is a Pop Culture Herstorian interested in analyzing and researching the career of AC Carter, the artist behind Lambda Celsius. She is poised, intelligent, and has friends in high places, Andrea Fraser being one of them; and has written books on Madonna and The Rolling Stones revealing how both perpetuate female stereotypes of passivity and the unjust validation of white supremacy.
XYXXXO (performed by Sassyopathic)
A mystery, a sexual icon, everyone wants them and everyone wants to BE them. But they cannot be tethered to patriarchal heteronormative society, they strive to be an alternate reality, their reality, the one we all long to be in - a utopian dream! They express this through their sultry poses and their allusive demeanor, but don’t be fooled, they have their eyes on you…and you…and maybe you too.
The Simulations (performed by Flesh Eater)
These copies of Lambda Celsius reveal themselves in the music video “Simulacra” - they have no identity! They do not exist!  They are mere copies of the real.
But they do, they do exist. They are both neither and both, they redefine how we think about language, gender norms, and our obsession with someone’s sex.  The Simulations want to break that.  They rally, they cry, they stand up for visibility! And THEY should.
Easy Target (performed by Diatom Deli)
Oh Easy Target, why are you always at the butt of everyones’ jokes?  It is because he knows you are a threat, a threat because you have so much to offer: so much brains, so much talent.  She’s just so humble it seems like no one really sees her true power.
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