Collaborative Fashion Show and Dance Party at Caledonia Lounge, 5/12/2018.
Provided poster design and garments for a very special evening. I also walked! Proceeds benefited AIDS ATHENS/ YOUTH PRIDE.
Models + me in Church before the event.
Kenya in Look 1. 
Materials: fleece, plastic, felt, silk polyester, zip ties, duck tape, custom packaging tape, orange barrier, embroidery thread
Annie in Look 2.
Materials: dyed canvas, screen door mesh, plastic drop cloth, duck tape, puff paint, acrylic paint.
Sabo in Look 3.
Materials: felt, custom packaging tape, screen door mesh, zip ties, plastic, perler beads. 
Ivy in Look 4. 
Materials: duck tape, plastic drop cloth, felt, disposable camera photographs, perler beads, custom stickers, zip ties
Rachel in Look 5. 
Materials: felt, Target bag, duck tape, screen door mesh, zip ties.
Josh and AC in Looks 6 and 7.
Materials: (Look 6) felt, zip ties, plastic drop cloth, duck tape, puff paint. (Look 7) work wear T with graphic. 
Additional disposable camera photos taken by yourself truly. 
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