The artist I worked with is called DREAM COUNCIL [Darkwave Electronic]
We wanted to come up with an idea that represented the music and vision of the artist. We created a playlist of adjacent musical influences: either direct or indirect -- both can be helpful in creating something fun and dynamic. Artists included were Erasure, Enya, and Alice Deejay.  We then checked out some of their logos:
Though the music has a harsh techno drive, lyrically the subject matter is more telling of sensitivity and introspection. As I have gotten to know Dream Council, he is a shy and romantic person as well as skilled roller bladder. Elements of their music is endearingly "cute". An electronic and soft composition made clear that inspiration from a y2k aesthetic would work out well. 
I first had a hard time figuring out how to organize a long double name, and using other elements besides just the text -->

I tried a variety of different computer and compressed font styles, and finally landed on a san serif type called Fit. I sheared and rounded out some of the corners, which the curves made it softer and sweeter. 
I decided on stacking the letters so it became more like an object. I also wanted to incorporate a moon symbol as it suggests: "dreaming" and "darkness" -- the former being the obvious and the later inspired by the music.