conscious cameoflage
spring 2015

ac and david

both artists use patterning, forms, and color in combinations to enhance or break from concealment. David Anderson observes organic and manufactured textiles to bring together what he considers the "inner" and "outer"-net, and Ann Catherine Carter uses commercial logos and fabric patterns found while brownsing the web on Amazon. Both artists confuse mark making and consumer products, advertisements, and the way in which the hand inevitably reveals itself in both physical and digital ways. Both embark on an investigation through art history and distort the percieved chronology playfully and sympathetically, hoping to find visual poetry while thinking of the multiple ways in which painting can exist today.
SHOULD I DEW IT? spray paint, enamel, acrylic on canvas, 24x36in

DORITOS' WEB, spray paint, enamel, and acrylic on canvas, 70x64in

BIG DADDY, enamel and spray paint on board, 12x12in

GYPSY, spray paint, enamel, and acrylic on canvas, 70x60in

RED SQUARE (FOR LEVIN), spray paint, enamel, and acrylic on canvas, 64x60in