AC Carter (b. Birmingham, AL) is musician, multi-disciplinary artist, curator, and over-think and overdo-er working in music, performance, and visual arts in Los Angeles, CA. AC’s work deals with isolation, lovelessness, gender identity, and disruption. A 2020 University of Georgia MFA Fine Arts Graduate, AC makes music as Klypi, a pop artist persona, and runs Ad•verse, a musical festival in Athens, GA which underscores solo and duo performers cross genre from electronic music to performance art.  AC has made sculptural garments for of Montreal’s music video “No Plateau Phase/ No Careerism, No Corruption” and Jennifer Vanilla’s performance at MoMA PS1. They have been featured in publications such as Post-Punk Online, WUSSY Mag, PASTE, New American Painting, and the Nashville Scene, and have performed/ shown work at galleries such as Zeitgeist, bitforms, Chinatown Soup, and ZieherSmith. They have attended Stove Works Residency in Chattanooga in November 2020, and the Wassaic Project Residency in January/February of 2022. They have opened for a variety of artists such as Molly Nilsson, Girlpool, and Auragraph, and has performed at festivals Big Ears, Secret Stages, and Athens Popfest. They have recently signed with Wildflowers Talent Agency in Los Angeles. 

AC investigates ideas about love, gender deviancy, trauma, and authenticity and challenges the idea that the individual is singular, rather than multiple in design. Identity is tied to the body both physically and virtually; it is a continuous site of construction and can be understood as both a building and a webpage. These ways of framing and re-framing showcase how identity is fluid, is anti-identity, is prescriptive, and reflects on how adsurdity can be a useful tool through deliberate disassociation and anarchic-assembly to confront notions of discrimination against queer identities across the spectrum. 
Can you both laugh and cry at the same time? 
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