AC Carter is a musician, performance artist, visual artist and curator who creates characters through music, internet profiles, digital media, and events.  Their main protagonist is Klypi, a DIY pop artist whose music can be described as alt-pop; dystopic trash music. AC has previously performed as Lambda Celsius (Λ°C)a genderless fashion brand, and Vixcine Martine, a PhD student at UGA who wrote her thesis on Klypi.  Future profiled investigations are Ann at PIARE, a PR firm for culture-cross/ genre artists. 

Through these characters, AC investigates ideas about love, gender deviancy, and authenticity and challenges the idea that the individual is singular, rather than multiple in design. Identity is tied to the body both physically and virtually; it is a continuous site of construction and can be understood as both a building and a webpage. These characters and ways of framing an avatar showcase how identity is fluid, is anti-identity, is prescriptive, and reflects on how queerness can be a useful tool through deliberate disassociation and anarchic-assembly to confront notions of discrimination against queer/gay/trans identities across the spectrum.

As Klypi, AC hopes to challenge assumptions of aligned gender and sexual identities, albeit through the lens of contemporary feminisms and queer theories. Previously as Lambda Celsius (Λ°C), AC foregrounded the notion of fluid identity by thinking of materials and bodies as non-gendered -- interpreted as abstract shape and form.  Last, as Vixcine Martine, AC challenged ideas of what humor, sexuality, and intelligence can look like from a feminist perspective, hoping to play with how to navigate and scholarly reflect upon their other selves.   


Musically, AC has opened for artists such as Molly Nilsson, John Maus, and Girlpool, and has performed at Big Ears Festival, Athens Popfest, and Secret Stages.

Visually, AC have made garments for Jennifer Vanilla for her performance at MoMA PS1, and for the band of Montreal for their music video Plateau Phase-No Careerism No Corruption.  

AC’s curatorial project is Ad•verse Fest, a festival for solo and duo performers cross genre underscoring DIY performance and electronic scenes in the South and across the continental US.